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Peer Review

The submitted papers are subject of a peer review process.

Editors send the received papers, without the name and affiliation of authors, to two reviewers in the field, by e-mail. The formulary for reviewers can be download here. The reviewers of a paper are anonymous and respect the review process which consists in the following:
  • are accepted scientific papers in topics,
  • the submission respects announced deadlines,
  • the format of the document respects strictly required format,
  • the authors assume all aspects of copyright and intellectual property,
  • the scientific reviewers will fill a review form,
  • assessed paper may be recommended for: publish without changes (paper will be published), publish with changes (paper will be publish if author follows imposed conditions by reviewers), rejection (the reason for rejection will be transmitted to authors together with suggestions for future improvement, if that will be considered necessary by the reviewers).
If the decisions of the 2 reviewers are not the same the paper is sent by editors to a third reviewer. The authors have to adjust their papers according to the scientific reviewer demands within 10 days from notice. The final camera-ready format as requested by the editors has to be transmitted by authors within 30 days from acceptance. The date of publishing will be communicated to author(s) together with fee conditions.